Weekly Eco-Fashion Update July 23rd

Hi all! As you all know, April is really the month where eco-fashion is celebrated due to Earth Day, but there are also a ton of eco-fashion events happening over the summer! Read below...


July 24-25 - Ireland: Re-dress at the Festival of World Cultures - exhibits of designers and artists who use recycled/upcycled textiles

July 27 - NYC: Elle, Aveeno and Kaight have partnered up to bring you Summer Nights Style where you can get a style consultation from the Aveeno Hair Care eco-friendly celebrity stylist and shop the season's latest at Kaight.

July 29 - NYC: Sustainable Fashion and Textiles Workshop at the Pratt Institute, designed to give you an in-depth review of current practices and innovations, clarity on the various sustainability claims made by companies, an understanding of new business opportunities, and professional development.

August 4-7 - Montreal: The Montreal Fashion & Design Festival is sure to be exciting with fashion shows followed by live performances from well-known artists, parties, and a Shopping Rally in downtown's trendiest boutiques.

Now - Sept 22nd - Online: The Green By Design Summer Light Challenge is for all you eco-lovers! The challenge is to select only 10 pieces of clothing to wear for the entire summer and to share your mix-and-match pieces with the rest of the eco-fashion community. Can you do it?

Sept 28-30 - Vancouver: Eco Fashion Week Vancouver 2010! Need I say more?

Blogosphere: Want a quick list of awesome eco-fashion blogs to read? Check out this Top 20!  Some of our favorites are on there too - ecouterre, magnifeco, Treehugger, KAIGHT =)

The Eco Index - Consumers have always had a difficult time really understanding what makes one product "green" and another one not. So 100 well-known apparel brands and retailers have developed a software tool to help them measure the environmental impact of their apparel and footwear, from raw material to garbage dump. The companies are hoping to standardize "eco-value" across brands, just like the Energy Star rating on appliances.

Give + Take boutique in the LA area is now offering a unique eco-friendly AND recession-friendly way for women to shop! For just $25 a month (yup, $ per month and not $ per item!) , you can trade in your lightly-used clothing to get something you love in the process,  without losing money in the process. This could be the start of a new kind of boutique huh?

ok that's it from me this week! Have a great weekend everyone =)


Weekly Eco-Fashion Update – July 15th

Happy Friday guys :) It's time for the weekly update!

Retail: WearAgain.co.uk is launching an eco-fashion boutique which will sell gently used and recycled new clothing for men, women and children. Products will include top quality fashion from popular High Street retailers, designer labels, and vintage sources.

According to the LA Times, baby eco-fashion is coming to Target! For those earth-conscious parents, the Little Seed and Baby Buggy lines have just debuted and they offer budget-friendly choices for eco-friendly babywear.

Blogosphere: Happy 10th Anniversary, Net-a-Porter! To celebrate, the originator of high fashion e-commerce threw a lavish fete in its new London office and invited notable fans such as Victoria Beckham and designers including Christopher Bailey, Christopher Kane and Roland Mouret. Check out Net-a-Porter's magazine for the special anniversary issue which tours the major fashion highlights over the past decade.

photo courtesy of Ai*LoveFashion

Marie-Claire Magazine (UK edition) published its Top 10 in eco-fashion this month. It includes some amazing designers, including Stella McCartney (of course!), Edun, and People Tree. We hope c. marchuska one day makes it to the list!

Brought together by Elle Magazine, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Rogan, Loomstate, Loeffler Randall, and Vena Cava worked with Sheila Kennedy, the director of the Portable Light Project, to design nine solar purses that supply both light and power. All the bags are being auctioned of on Ebay, with proceeds going to Portable Light Project's mission of using energy-harvesting textiles to deliver power to developing communities. Below are some of my favorites! Check out more over at Ecouterre!

Loeffler Randall



Stella McCartney has been named the 2012 Olympic designer for Britain. Working with Adidas, she will not only outfit the athletes, but will also release four lifestyle collections "inspired by Team GB" before the games. How exciting! Congrats Stella :)

c. marchuska: We recently found out that Christine Marchuska, CEO of c. marchuska, has been asked to be the wardrobe designer for a new film called "Playground." Click here to read the interview with the director of the film, Ajay Nayyar, to see how he picked our lovely CEO!

Happy weekend everyone!


Weekly Eco-Fashion Wrap-Up July 9th

It's that time of the week!

Retail: Bahar Shahpar has recently teamed up with vegan shoe designer Cri de Coeur to create 100% recyclable synthetic neon pink and yellow heels that will add a blast of color to your feet.

Events/Programs: Starting in September, New York City will launch one of the largest textile recycling initiatives in the nation, aiming to increase the convenience of donations so that it is "almost as easy as throwing it away." The city is taking bids for a 10- to 15-year contract with a nonprofit company (e.g. companies like Goodwill) to maintain and manage the bins. Officials say that if the bins are successful in NYC, then it could be launched nationwide.

Yesterday's News (eco-friendly cat litter made from recycled paper) is challenging five leading green designers, including the Lara Miller, Samantha Pleet, and Bahar Shahpar, to create fashion-forward designs using recycled newspaper. The winning pieces will be displayed at the first ever Yesterday's News Green Catwalk Event. Read more about how YOU can compete too!

Have you been using your recyclable grocery bags over and over? It's great to use the eco-friendly solution to replace the regular ol' paper or plastic...but make sure you wash them after every use! American Chemical Society conducted a study and 84 out of 100 bags tested positive for E. Coli and that bacteria can transfer onto your groceries!

Blogosphere: The New York Project sought out Teen Vogue and Style.com's PR Director Eleanor Banco to give  us an eco-fashion makeover and she chose her 10 most influential eco-designers, including Stella McCartney, Study by Tara St. James, Doucette Duvall and more.

Ever concerned about the authenticity of the eco-friendly products you buy? How do you know for sure these products are sustainable? A ton of the organic claims made by designers and brands is just confusing consumers, and it would be super helpful if there was some sort of standardization. L.E.A.F. (Labeling Ecologically Approved Fabrics) does just that! WellWire sat down with Elinor Averyt, L.E.A.F. founder and executive director to discuss what will be included in the comprehensive and unifying eco-labeling program. Go read it here!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Weekly Eco-Fashion Wrap-Up July 2nd

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! I hope you're all headed to the beach to see fireworks :) Here's our weekly eco-fashion wrap-up!

Retail: Soleil Moon Frye, of Punky Brewster fame, opened up an eco-friendly children's boutique called The Little Seed in Los Angeles. After having difficulty finding great organic and non-toxic items for her first child, she has decided to open up a place where "parents can come find products that are safe for their children, as well as good for the planet."

Found via Magnifeco, the vegan shoe designer duo Cri de Coeur have launched a new line called Hearts of Darkness, which is ethically produced from start to finish. All of their shoes are reasonably priced under $100, and I absolutely love their adorable Enchant Ankle Tie Flat - the colors are fabulous!

Blogosphere: In the upcoming movie, 'Eat, Pray, Love,' Julia Robert's character goes eco-friendly by carrying a Hobo Bag made from repurposed Kantha quilts and lined with vintage saris by fair trade artisans in India. I can see why the costumer designers of the movie chose this bag - it's pretty awesome!

Also on the blogosphere this week...two major starlets gave us the scoop on their favorite eco-friendly designers. Emmanuelle Chriqui (known as Sloan on Entourage) says she is constantly wearing Alexx Jae for Milk in an interview with EcoStiletto. According to Ecouterre, Emily Deschanel (from Bones) says that she wears  tons of Loyale tops, Bahar Shahpar skirts & dresses, and Beyond Skin or  Olsenhaus shoes.

emmanuelle chriqui

emily deschanel

It's so nice to hear that celebrities are really grasping the eco-friendly fashion bit. We sure hope they add c. marchuska onto their list!

c. marchuska: Our very own Christine Marchuska, CEO of c. marchuska, spoke at a Cornell University entreprenuership panel entitled "Fashion with Social Awareness" and the e-clip is available to watch!

Also, check out our Retailer Highlight with a stone's throw. We are super inspired by the store and feel incredibly fortunate to have them sell c. marchuska pieces! If you call 608-255-1925 to order c. marchuska and mention the Retailer Highlight, you'll receive 15% off and get free shipping as well! Happy shopping!


Retailer Highlight: A Stone’s Throw

Happy Monday everyone! It's time for another work week...but hey - we have the 4th of July to look forward to :)

This week, we're starting off our week with a blog post about one of our retailers - a stone's throw - the brainchild of Heather Higgens. Heather grew up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, as the daughter of a successful sportswear retailer, who would hear great compliments about the family store and often times  hear customers say "We need something like this in Madison!" So after moving to the big city of Madison, Wisconsin, Heather opened up the doors of a stone's throw in 2004 to the delight of a steady stream of local women who were on the quest for comfortable, quality clothes.

Not only does a stone's throw carry eco-friendly brands like c. marchuska, the boutique also has The Upstairs Closet, which features quality gently-used active lifestyle clothing for men, women and children. The process is pretty simple: bring in your freshly-washed clothing during regular store hours, and the buyers will decide what items to purchase from you and make you an offer. You can receive either 50% off of the selling price in-store credit to The Upstairs Closet or 30% of the selling price paid to you by check. We love that a stone's throw really believes in sustainability, in both product and process!

Through this cute, cozy boutique, Heather reaches the local community by providing services, donations, and fundraising efforts to a myriad of organizations, including Dane County Humane Society, Girls on the Run, Madison Children's Museum, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Waisman Early Childhood Center, and Wisconsin River Alliance.

We are proud to be included in the a stone's throw collection and we are incredibly inspired by Heather! If you call 608-255-1925 to order c. marchuska and mention this blog entry, you'll receive 15% off and get free shipping as well! Happy shopping!


Weekly Eco-Fashion Update June 25th

It's time for the weekly wrap-up!

Retail: Rent Maternity Wear is a new online business established for every pregnant woman who wants to look great for the fancy occasion, but doesn't see a point in spending $$ to buy a special look that she probably can never wear again. This is SUPER eco-friendly - think about all the material/production that can be saved AND it'll save you space in your closet!

Have you guys seen Sex and the City 2 yet? Samantha is seen sporting an eco-friendly "up-cycled" Ecoist Silver Mega handbag! It's great to know that eco-fashion is making its way into media!

eBay Canada announced a partnership with Canadian designer Preloved to introduce a collection of eco-friendly clothing available exclusively on eBay.ca beginning in Fall 2010.

Blogosphere: There's designer mannequins on the street in NYC! These mannequins are dressed in duds made entirely with local materials in New York City's Garment District as part of Sidewalk Catwalk, an awesome new public art and fashion exhibit, available all summer until September 3rd. Read the full story over on TreeHugger.

OneWed, a superb bridal blog, has written a feature on eco-friendly bridal shoes! From the likes of Terra Plana, Charmone, Stella McCartney, and olsenHaus, there are quite a few pairs of sustainable dress shoes available!

c. marchuska: Did you get a chance to read our interview with jewelry designer DLC Brooklyn? I love these designs and each piece is created from vintage chains deconstructed and reconfigured!

Have an awesome weekend! :)


Interview with DLC – eco-friendly jewelry

Hi all! It's time to start a new week and that means...a new interview with an awesome designer! This week, we have Susan Domelsmith of DLC Brooklyn, a jewelry brand that prides itself in creating collections out of vintage chains that have been deconstructed and reconfigured through draping, knotting and tangling into new designs.

CMar: When did you first begin your company?

DLC: In the summer of 2004.

CMar: What is your background in fashion?

DLC: I have always been making jewelry and clothing since I was a little girl, but I never received formal training. I worked in vintage boutiques and at Factory People in Austin as an assistant buyer and manager right after college. My favorite hobby - jewelry-making - gradually turned into a full-time job, and I couldn't be happier!

CMar: What inspires you to design?

DLC: I receive a lot of inspiration from my materials actually. All of the vintage pieces that I come across have such unique histories, and I love imagining where they came from. I am also inspired by shapes in nature and scientific theories.

CMar: What are your views on eco-fashion?

DLC: There has really been a transition in the fashion world over the last few years and I feel that it is gradually starting to make a difference. There are plenty of eco-sources now, so designing with the environment in mind is not as difficult as it used to be. There really is no excuse not to use sustainable design.

CMar: What are your views on sustainability?

DLC: We, as humans, have been really selfish about taking the earth for granted.  There is a growing movement to live more responsibly, and I hope that this continues to grow.  If everyone took the time to make sure that they left the smallest impact possible, the world would be so different.  I hope to help in a small way with my jewelry company, and using what is already available in the world rather than creating new materials, as well as the waste that goes along with manufacturing.

CMar: Who are some other designers you admire?

DLC: H. Fredriksson, Bodkin, Study, and Samantha Pleet are all working to make fashion more sustainable.  I love their work, and think they all have big hearts.

CMar: What are your future design goals?

DLC: To continue learning and having fun with it...and to inspire others to work sustainably.

CMar: What is special about your design goals?

DLC: Each piece is unique because the materials I use vary slightly, even though they follow the same pattern.   Each piece has a combination of unique histories of the chains that I find fascinating.  All of the chains are hand-selected, sorted, and cleaned with a detergent that is biodegradable, so more work goes into each piece, but it is completely worth it to me.

CMar: Where can customers buy your products?

DLC: Everything is available at dlcbrooklyn.com!

Thanks Susan! We love your stuff - keep up the awesome work!


Weekly Eco-Fashion Wrap-Up June 18th

TGIF!! What a week! Anybody watching the World Cup? How about the NBA Finals with the Lakers & Celtics? It's been a pretty exciting week, and it was so in the eco-fashion world too.

Retail: Found via Eco Fashion World, the British fashion industry is organizing a campaign calling for businesses which operate ethical fashion policies to be rewarded with tax breaks. The campaign is supported by Vivienne Westwood, Monsoon, and Edun. I suppose this would make sense right? In the US, businesses and homeowners currently get tax credits if they apply energy efficient items...so why not apply it to the fashion industry too?

Brigitte Bardot, actress and animal-advocate, made headlines this week by teaming up with Lancel (a leather goods company!) to create an eco-friendly, cruelty-free handbag.

Melissa, a Brazilian shoe company, is taking its recycled plastic designs to new heights by collaborating with the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood. All of Melissa shoes are made out of MELFLEX plastic, which is hypo-allergenic, cruelty-free, void of animal products, and recyclable. Read more about it here!

Blogosphere: Muse magazine is featuring 3 eco-loving supermodels who have contributed to help save the World by going green.  How hot are these covers?!

images courtesy of Fashion Fame

c. marchuska: Go read our interview with tomate d'epingles, an awesome eco-friendly jewelry collection designed by some chic canadian gals!

Also we wrote a feature on the design inspiration behind the Roli Hoodie - go order yours now!

Happy weekend all! =)


Design Inspiration: The Roli Hoodie

As most of you know each c. marchuska piece is named after someone we admire for their impeccable and chic style.  So today we come to you with a post about the newest c.marchuska addition, the roli hoodie, named after our dear friend, Roli Aggarwal Tilani.  Roli and I met at Cornell in our super exciting (can you sense the sarcasm) policy analysis classes.  However, we didn't become BFFs until after college when we both ended up working at two of the same firms that made up our finance career.  Roli always had this amazing sense of style where she looked effortlessly gorgeous in simple well constructed pieces.  Also, to note, Roli has this relaxed yet intelligent personality that I wanted to encompass into a piece that would be her namesake.  After taking all of this into careful consideration, the roli hoodie emerged.

Roli Hoodie in light grey with CJ Skirt in green (photo credit: Erik Dong)

The roli hoodie is made of deliciously soft bamboo viscose which allows for a flattering chic look on any figure.  The 3/4 length sleeves make it the perfect piece for a throw on for an evening at the beach or a day in the office (I sported it yesterday to my day job ;) ).  It currently is available is sizes xsmall through large in tan, light grey and white.  Buy yours here today!  They also will be available on A Green Wardrobe, Nimli and Ecosumo - three of our fav eco shopping sites!

Oh and did we mention the roli hoodie was featured in Star Magazine on page 58 of the April 26, 2010 issue??  Um yeah, we were pretty excited about that too :)  Happy a great Wednesday and feel free to comment and share this post!



Christine & Roli in Peru


Weekly Eco-Fashion Wrap-Up June 11th

Happy Friday everyone! It's time to wrap-up the week!

Retail: Gucci revealed a number of eco-friendly plans to dramatically reduce the brand's effect on the environment. Most attention is being paid to cutting paper consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions - packaging will be redesigned using only FSC Certified, 100% recyclable paper.

Edun is relaunching with the personalities of its original couple - U2's Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson - as well as the 49% owner, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

G-Cut, a company specializing in handcrafted masculine accessories for Gentlemen, is launching the G-TIE ECO Collection, a never-before-seen men's tie accessory crafted with the eco-friendly metal of recycled aluminum.

Events: (Re) Fashioning Fiber exhibit (now through August 13th at Greenspaces NYC) focuses on the basics - the very fibers that make up our clothes and whose creation make a significant environmental impact. This exhibit's gotta be pretty exciting if it's got stuff like the heart below...

Blogosphere: Levi's is hosting the Care to Air Design Challenge with a $10,000 Prize! According to research, machine drying is the main source of environmental damage caused by denim. It's way more eco-friendly to air dry your jeans, so Levi's is having a contest to find the best way to air-dry denim. Submit your idea here by July 31st!

c. marchuska: Our Leslie dress has been featured over on GalTime.com as a fun beachy cover-up. Thanks for the props, GalTime!