Weekly Eco-Fashion Update – July 31st

Hi all! Sorry for the delay in posting! This week has been kind of crazy, but I still wanted to do a weekly update for y'all so that you can see the awesome stuff happening.

Retail: Jean-Philippe Gawronski, a former designer at Lanvin, is launching an eco-friendly line - Imitation and Disguise!  He's taken his learnings from Alber Elbaz to create apparel, jewelry, shoes, and handbags. I'm pretty impressed by the details he's put into everything!

Need some chic travel essentials? TEICH, a local Brooklyn brand, has created a few items that's making me rethink what I take with me on my trips. The TEICH scallop clutch serves as an awesome makeup bag and the TEICH/Ryann belt with detachable waist acts as a great fanny pack for those touristy adventures. Lucky for all of us, TEICH has a special 40% off summer sale through August 12th.

Need some summer sandals? For a casual look, check out TOMs wedges with a One for One outreach program, where "every pair purchased is matched by a new pair given to a child in need."

For a more dressy look, I am swooning over these Cri De Coeur "Hannah" asymmetrical sandals and Terra Plana "Betty" Sling-Backs. For more awesome eco-friendly sandals, check out the list on EcoFashionWorld.

Blogosphere: Last year, actress Julia Stiles put together a hilarious spoof of eco-fashion. This year, she tells Ecouterre that she actually likes eco-fashion, particularly the Edun line by Bono. However, she doesn't know how to find that many other lines in eco-fashion...

On the other hand, Jennie Garth, a supporter of keeping the Earth green, says that she just uses Google to find green clothing for her family. How efficient! Hopefully she finds c. marchuska!

By the way, is anybody excited that there's an eco-friendly designer on Project Runway? Go Gretchen Jones!

c. marchuska: Through today, you can get 30% off on c. marchuska products at blendnewyork! Go get your sale on :)

Another one of our retailers was highlighted on MindBodyGreen. Go read all about Kate McGregor of Kaight!

Have you ever wondered if eco-fashion can be considered sexy? Check out our c. marchuska web spots! Make sure you're sitting down first...haha