Weekly Eco-Fashion Wrap-Up July 9th

It's that time of the week!

Retail: Bahar Shahpar has recently teamed up with vegan shoe designer Cri de Coeur to create 100% recyclable synthetic neon pink and yellow heels that will add a blast of color to your feet.

Events/Programs: Starting in September, New York City will launch one of the largest textile recycling initiatives in the nation, aiming to increase the convenience of donations so that it is "almost as easy as throwing it away." The city is taking bids for a 10- to 15-year contract with a nonprofit company (e.g. companies like Goodwill) to maintain and manage the bins. Officials say that if the bins are successful in NYC, then it could be launched nationwide.

Yesterday's News (eco-friendly cat litter made from recycled paper) is challenging five leading green designers, including the Lara Miller, Samantha Pleet, and Bahar Shahpar, to create fashion-forward designs using recycled newspaper. The winning pieces will be displayed at the first ever Yesterday's News Green Catwalk Event. Read more about how YOU can compete too!

Have you been using your recyclable grocery bags over and over? It's great to use the eco-friendly solution to replace the regular ol' paper or plastic...but make sure you wash them after every use! American Chemical Society conducted a study and 84 out of 100 bags tested positive for E. Coli and that bacteria can transfer onto your groceries!

Blogosphere: The New York Project sought out Teen Vogue and Style.com's PR Director Eleanor Banco to give  us an eco-fashion makeover and she chose her 10 most influential eco-designers, including Stella McCartney, Study by Tara St. James, Doucette Duvall and more.

Ever concerned about the authenticity of the eco-friendly products you buy? How do you know for sure these products are sustainable? A ton of the organic claims made by designers and brands is just confusing consumers, and it would be super helpful if there was some sort of standardization. L.E.A.F. (Labeling Ecologically Approved Fabrics) does just that! WellWire sat down with Elinor Averyt, L.E.A.F. founder and executive director to discuss what will be included in the comprehensive and unifying eco-labeling program. Go read it here!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Weekly Eco-Fashion Wrap-Up May 28th

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Before you go off and enjoy that long weekend, read on for your weekly eco-fashion wrap-up!

Retail: One of my very favorite eco-blogs, EcoSalon, is putting on their very own pop-up shop for one night only at GreenSpaces in NYC! On June 4th, from 7-10pm, you can check out what the fashionistas at EcoSalon picked out from the collections of Lara Miller, Doucette Duvall, and other fabulous designers.

H&M 'Fashion Against Aids' collection has collaborated with Edun Yooxgen to create a new line of slogan tees. Katy Perry is the spokesperson and this year's campaign donates 25% of the full sales price of each item to four organizations fighting HIV/AIDS among young people.

I'm pretty excited to have found this new eco-friendly yogawear brand called Prancing Leopard. They make some amazing workout gear that is actually STYLISH and because their gear is 95-100% organic turkish cotton - it feels uber soft too :)

Sales: There's a huge Memorial Day sale over at BTC Elements! Take an additional 25% off their clearance items and get some pieces from Kelly B, Raw Earth Wild Sky, and other eco-friendly designers with the coupon code "ecosale".

Did y'all get a chance to read our interview with A Green Wardrobe? This week they've been featured over on Magnifeco and there's a sale going on! Magnifeco readers get a 20% discount using the code 'magnifeco' through May 31st. Hurry! Don't miss your chance!

Blogosphere: Proud to be vegan, Leona Lewis has reportedly spent £175,000 on eco-friendly clothing for her first tour. She is an eco-fashion lover! :)

Have a great weekend everybody! Make sure you go watch Sex and the City 2 - I hear Patricia Field outdid herself this time.


Weekly Eco-Fashion Wrap-up – May7th

Hi everyone! It's once again time for the weekly eco-fashion wrap-up!

Events: Eco Chic - Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion, May 5 - August 21,2010 at the Scandanavia House, showcases Swedish fashion designers who take an environmentally - friendly and ethical approach to their work, without sacrificing style. Those Swedes always seem to be one step ahead of the game in terms of design...it's bound to be an amazing exhibit!

Righteous Fashion

Dem Collective

Photos Courtesy of Tear-n-Tan

Upcoming EcoSalon Shop! at Green Spaces on June 4, 2010 from 7-10pm on 394 Broadway, NYC. This pop-up shop will showcase 20 sustainable clothing and accessory designers including Study by Tara St. James and Lara Miller.

Retail: Terracycle Inc. aims to make money by reusing the hard-to-recycle trash the US produces each year. It's even partnered with big brands such as Kraft Food Inc.'s Capri Sun, Kellogg Co.'s Bear Naked, and Nabisco's Chips Ahoy to be a sponsor "brigade" by Terracycle their trash. Now Terracycle may start selling its products at Wal-Mart. Read the exciting article about Terracycle over at WSJ.

Blogosphere: This week, Thrillist featured some pretty chic bags made out of "upcycled" street banners taken from Seoul and re-created in South Korea into special one-of-a-kind pieces. Go buy one for only $19.

c. marchuska: We featured an inspirational mom over on our blog this past week. Go read about Bella & Boo - an eco-friendly shop for the kiddos! =)

Also, we've spent quite some time preparing to launch the sale of our Roli Hoodie. Go pick yours up here!